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Single Graphene Infrared Sauna Room

Single Graphene Infrared Sauna Room

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Feature: Computer Control Panel

Feature: With Transom Windows

Number of Users: 1 People

Type: Sauna Rooms


Hershey far-infrared wooden sauna room is equipped with 1260W, 110V bluetooth audio, reading light, two speakers, single size

Time and temperature presets, button control

Advanced features: overheating automatic power-off system, safe and stable. more space. easy installation. According to the instructions, it can be done in 30-60 minutes. Don't get the order wrong. Requires 2 people to install and enjoy the benefits of a normal sauna together.

CONVENIENT FOR YOUR NEEDS - Set your mood with 2 speakers, bluetooth and smartphone assisted connectivity. Infrared full spectrum and carbon heater technology, integrated audio system provides crystal clear sound. It sets the perfect distance between you and the heater for a warm, quiet and calming experience.

Relax and Enjoy: Far Infrared Heating rejuvenates the body by warming up core temperature, relaxing muscles and relieving joint pain. The 6 carbon heaters are perfectly positioned to provide steady heat throughout the body, increase sweat production and flush out harmful toxins from the body.

PERFECT SPACE - Designed for small spaces, this slim single-person sauna offers ultimate luxury, and the durable wood is an excellent insulator for retaining heat in the sauna. Its minimal footprint is perfect for your master bathroom, bedroom, basement or gym. Enjoy the health benefits of using a sauna regularly at home.


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