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One person red cedar infrared sauna

One person red cedar infrared sauna

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Number of Users: 1 People

Type: Sauna Rooms

Main Material: solid wood


 One person red cedar  infrared sauna room

Product specifications: 33*33*67inches (length*width*height)

Internal height: 31*31*66inches

Door height, width and thickness: 58*22*0.3inches

Box size: top and bottom: 36*36*9inches

Surrounding: 65*35*13inches (width*height*thickness)

Package weight:

Top and bottom: 44lb

Front and back left and right: 88lb

Rated power supply: 60HZ/120V

Rated power: 1350W

number of heating plates: 8P

Maximum temperature rise: 149°F

Temperature protection: 230°F

Power cord length: 3M/118.11inches

Electromagnetic field: 3-10

Control system: LCD display, button control

Audio system: Bluetooth audio system

Power plug: US/EU

Heating material: far infrared epoxy heating plate

Timing temperature setting function: Yes

Other configuration: LED lighting, washing and disinfection

Vent: Yes

Main material: Red cedar

Packing: foam, PP corner board, sandwich board, carton, etc.

Seat load: 440.92lb

Applicable height: 61-73inches



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